Cowie Environmental Services (Cowie) are a dynamic environmental and sustainability consultancy. We are based in Brisbane and have offices on the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and in Mackay. Established in 2015, Cowie has quickly developed a reputation for having the depth and diversity of experience required for any project regardless of the scale, nature, location, or sensitivity.

Our work spans the construction, resources, transport, water, renewables and private industries. Across these sectors, our team has successfully delivered on a range of projects with varied scope from compliance auditing and inspections, to planning and approvals, construction and project management, field sampling and preparation of technical reports. We carefully cultivate the balance of experience within our team. That's what makes us unique.

The knowledge, skill, and experience we hold allows us to provide a comprehensive service across the life of your project, regardless of complexity. That means we can offer similar expertise to a larger firm, without the overheads that typically increase costs on your project. When working with you, we are attuned to the commercial and technical drivers that ensure your project’s success. Focusing on efficient and innovative solutions that meet the expectations of key stakeholders and add value. Your project is our project, and we invest in it.

Our accreditations

“SLR worked closely with Cowie Environmental Services in undertaking the necessary environmental studies for the preparation of the EIS’s [Environmental Impact Statements] across both New South Wales and South Australia for the Hawson Iron Project. The Project included a new mine development in Broken Hill, NSW, and a 500 km slurry pipeline to Myponie Point in South Australia. The Cowie team demonstrated the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to lead this work. Brendan Cowie and his team were able to competently manage our substantial input to the EIS by providing clear and focussed communication regarding the inputs and requirements associated with both state approval processes.  Their knowledge of these processes was outstanding and assisted in defining targeted scopes and delivery. I would highly recommend working with Brendan and his team of professionals at Cowie on future opportunities as they are able to blend achieving outcomes whilst being easy to deal with.”

Peter Smith, SLR Consulting.

Honesty and integrity
We are honest with each other and our clients. We consider what is the best outcome for our clients and ensure that our clients know that at Cowie we do not cut corners. We always maintain our responsibility as environmental professionals to do the right thing. The Cowie management team will continue to provide support and guidance to the team and ensure that we continue to do the right thing. We are always transparent when working together and with our clients.
We strive to make sure that we always have the right team, technical skills, and culture. We are all team players and have respect for each other. We appreciate and recognise each other’s efforts. We provide flexibility and empower our employees in a work environment that is conducive to creating a good work-life balance. We recognise that family and personal wellbeing is important to all and should be the first consideration. We have a culture that ensures we also have fun and enjoy ourselves (e.g., celebrating our achievements).
Accountability and Ownership
No matter what level of experience an individual has they should be able to complete the allocated task(s) and be comfortable about asking for help. We do what we say we will do, and if needed we ask colleagues for help and support. All staff members are to provide leadership and to not shy away from supporting others in need.
Client Focussed
We ensure that we provide solutions that our clients require, without losing focus. We build relationships through quality work and strive to become a preferred / trusted supplier. Where possible we pass on opportunities for others in the team that may arise on your projects. We continue to provide value for money and ensure that this is how we are perceived by our clients. Our goal is to exceed client expectations.
Diversity and Inclusion
We respect everyone’s individual differences and foster a work environment that encourages staff members to step outside of their comfort zone. We also encourage team members to speak up if we experience or witness anything that is not right.

Meet the team

Cowie has a core team of senior and environmental scientists supported by an experienced management team. We support them to be able to adapt to high pressure, rise to advisory levels when required, and enhance outcomes beyond the initial scope. Communicating clearly not just on technical aspects, but with a variety of stakeholders. Should your project require, we can expand our capabilities with our network of hand-picked, known, and trusted subconsultants and casuals.

Keen to have our team on your next project?