Cowie Environmental Services are a dynamic group of environmental professionals with offices in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mackay and Toowoomba. The team has the knowledge, skills and experience needed to drive your project forward and exceed expectations.

What we offer

Cowie is a specialist consultancy offering the full range of environmental and sustainability services at an expert level. We have a reputation for solving complex problems no matter the location, scale, nature, or sensitivity.

Due Diligence, Compliance & Planning
Licencing, Permits & Approvals


Sustainability Management

How we enhance your outcomes

Diverse team

If you have a large or complex project, your needs aren’t confined to one environmental specialty. So, we aren’t either. The Cowie team hail from a broad range of environmental consulting fields, supporting your project from preliminary design, through construction and operation. Our project experience spans construction, mining, oil and gas, transport, water, and private industries.

Deep experience

It’s essential to have the right environmental experience on your side to mitigate risks that could delay or derail your project. From our management team to our senior environmental professionals, we hold the expertise you need to weather complexities of any scale. We’ve gained our deep experience working on some of Australia’s most significant projects.

Solid support

Your trust in us rests in our ability to choose the right team member suited to the skills and experience required for your project. Whether in our offices, or on secondment, our team always has full management support to:

  • be innovative.
  • adapt to high pressure.
  • rise to advisory levels when required.
  • enhance outcomes beyond the initial scope.

Environmental risk specialists

Environmental pathways can be complex. The Cowie team has an in-depth understanding of all relevant legislative frameworks around environmental issues. We provide complete technical support to help you identify, evaluate, and manage environmental risks, assisting to minimise impact, avoid any unexpected challenges, and move through tough situations smoothly.


How can we support your environmental needs?

Your project needs experts who can invest in positive outcomes with you and that’s what we do. Cowie focus on efficient and innovative solutions to meet demands, budget, and timeframes.

Want to know more about how we can support your project as it unfolds?