From support in ecology, GIS mapping, or due diligence processes, through to the often-complex approval stages, land and water monitoring and assessment, environmental and sustainability management, compliance, or auditing. At any project stage or scale, and in a range of sectors and locations, you can rely on our depth and breadth of experience to move your project forward smoothly. If complications arise, we can provide you with high-level environmental and sustainability advice. Or specialised support outside of the scope of your agreement should you require it.

Cowie are the experts you can rely on for environmental and sustainability services across your entire project. Our services span a vast range of sectors, from Local Government deliverables to the mining and resource sector. Solutions are fit-for-purpose and cover all your environmental and planning needs. They are strengthened by our comprehensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, guidelines, and management techniques. As well as extensive experience in the technical aspects that will help you identify, evaluate, and manage environmental risks.

Customised, scalable services to support your project.

Licensing, Permits & Approvals

During the approvals process you need an expert on your side with a good history of favourable outcomes in approvals pathway identification, advice, and strategy. Our approvals specialists have extensive experience in the successful development, coordination, and delivery of all necessary environmental project approvals for Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government ensuring you satisfy all requirements that could otherwise delay your project.

Sustainability Management

Minimising negative environmental, social, and economic impact, and maximising positive outcomes is high on the agenda of many organisations. Cowie can help your organisation set and meet environmental goals and develop green policies whether that be with a view to Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) Verification, or to help you create and meet sustainability targets.


When you need someone first on the ground to survey and assess a potential project, our ecology consultants help you with early decision-making on your proposed project. This includes environmental monitoring as well as providing solutions to help you minimise impact on the environment and/or mitigate risk. Our ecology consulting also complements and informs our Approvals services with extensive knowledge of Commonwealth and State legislation.

Geographic Information Systems (online mapping)

Our geospatial consultants use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to empower you to make better, more accurate environmental management decisions. At any stage of your project, we can collate, manage, visualise, and evaluate spatial data. In particular, we can utilise GIS mapping and spatial analysis at an early stage to support the ecology and approvals process.


Cowie can deliver the full range of specialised water services to help you meet your obligations and show strong environmental management and decision-making in regions with varied environmental challenges. This includes water testing, analysis and reporting and supplying a water quality monitoring program for surface waters in both marine and freshwater, groundwater, and grey and black water.

Environmental Due Diligence, Compliance & Planning

A critical aspect of project planning and design development is the identification, consideration and management of all environmental constraints and requirements. Our team can help you meet your compliance obligations, whether during construction or to maintain certification. Our assessments are comprehensive, with findings presented in a clear and concise manner suited to helping you maintain compliance, reduce risk, and avoid potential infringements.

Construction Environmental Management Plans and Sub-plans

A core strength of our team is developing practical plans and procedures for managing all inherent environmental risks of your project while supporting the project team in demonstrating compliance with all regulatory and approval requirements or conditions. If you don’t have suitable and available resources in-house, or don’t need a full-time Environmental Manager, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge, skills, and experience through the important phases of your project.


Erosion and Sediment Control

Cowie has Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC®) professionals who draw on their experience across many speciality areas to produce site-specific plans and designs that comprehensively address current and potential erosion and sedimentation issues. We implement practices and measures that are cost effective, understandable, and that meet environmental and regulatory requirements.

In-house Environmental Support (Secondments)

Short or long-term secondments with the Cowie team offer excellent value. Our dynamic, flexible, and skilled environmental and sustainability professionals ensure delivery runs as smoothly as possible. Personnel are hand-picked for their suitability and capability and can hit the ground running. Our people are continually mentored and supported by an experienced management team delivering advanced technical support, or advisory capabilities, should the need arise.

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